Friday, February 1, 2008

Winter Creativity Spurt

Soooo many ideas, so little time! Let’s just say I’m not suffering from “writers block” these days... in fact, it’s almost the opposite. I keep thinking of so many different ideas, it’s keeping me up at night. Eeghads!

How have I tried to cope with sleepless nights? Well, I have a very realistic husband, and family. There’s only one of me, and lots to do, so it’s pick one and go with it. If it’s not your favorite, pick another! There’s no rush.

The advice is right-on! What’s the rush, anyway? Sometimes I find myself rushing around-- rushing out of Target, rushing to get home after dropping my kids at school, rushing to get dinner on the table... perhaps I’ll give myself a Valentine treat, a “no rushing” card. Then on one of those days I catch myself rushing around, I can pull out the card... and without any guilt get out a soda, put up my feet and read a book, a magazine, or even take a nap!

Hope you can give yourself a “no rush” card too one of these days.