Thursday, October 24, 2013

Free Printable Ghostly Ancestor Halloween Photos: Perfect for a Spooky Decoration

Free Printable Ghostly Ancestor Photos by B.Nute productions
Make your mantle, or hallway walls extra creepy this year by hanging these free printable ghostly ancestor photos. Two lovely bride and groom pictures and an old-time musician with skeleton features will haunt your house for old fashioned Halloween fun!

Each photo is 5"x7" and will fit in a standard frame. Just print them out and swap out your cute family photo for these creepy ones-- just for a few spooky days as we get close to Halloween festivities. These images are also the perfect look for a Gothic Halloween party. For extra credit,  make up ghost stories about the folks in the pictures and how they lived!

Free Printable Ghostly Ancestor Halloween Photos
Ghostly Ancestors Halloween Photo #1: Bride and Groom (by B.Nute productions)

Ghostly Ancestors Halloween Photo #2: Bride and Groom (by B.Nute productions)

Ghostly Ancestors Halloween Photo #3: The Musician (by B.Nute productions)
Instructions for Making Your Ghostly Ancestor Halloween Photos
1. Select each links above (below the photo) and print out the photo on a 5"x7" photo paper, then put in a spooky frame to add to the look.
2. If you don't have 5"x7" photo paper, you can also print each photo on an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper. Print on white cardstock to give some weight to the photo. Now just cut out each photo, and place in a 5"x7" frame.
3. Place the photos on your fireplace mantle, or on a wall to add some spookiness to your Halloween.

Special thanks to The Graphics Fairy for the original vintage photos (pre-ghost!)
Printable items are copyright protected, and provided free of charge by B.Nute productions for personal use only. B.Nute's printables can not be sold, altered, or provided for download on any other site. For questions or inquiries, please contact B.Nute productions.


Jule aus 9B said...

Wow these are so scary I don't know if they are even too scary for my 8-year old...
But thanks for sharing, they are very well done!

Betsy said...

Thanks Jule! Glad you like them, and yes, they maybe a bit too spooky for younger ones. I must admit, my 9 year old has never been big on the scary aspects of Halloween! :)