Monday, October 14, 2013

We're Going on a Bear Hunt Party Invitations and Ideas

Bear Hunt Party Invitations by B.Nute productions
Swishing through the tall grass, wading through a river, squishing through mud and adventuring through a forest... A Bear Hunt birthday party is the perfect theme for your little explorer! Whether you've been reading this classic tale to your child since he was little, or if you have an active gal who can't get enough of her teddy, this theme is versatile for multi-ages. With a outdoorsy flannel background, hand drawn wood texture, and cute bear sporting a raccoon, this Bear Hunt Party invitation is the perfect look to set the tone for your adventure.

Bear Hunt Party Ideas
Bear Hunt Party Ideas
Need ideas of how to entertain the crowd? Here are a host of Bear Hunt Party games sure to please all ages:

Bear Hunt for Little Ones - Set up a bear hunt obstacle course in your own yard (or home) where little ones can crawl under tables and over pillows, where they can stomp through a wading pool of water, and sift through sand. Looking for a simpler game? Tape cutout construction paper paws or bears throughout the yard, and have the little ones find them. Here are more wonderful examples:

Bear Scavenger Hunt in a Park - Hide some small teddy bears or paper paw prints in a local park, and provide a hand drawn map for the kids to run around and find them! Here is a great example:

Bear Hunt Hike
For a slightly older crowd, head to a local forested park for your bear hunt. Again, hide small stuffed animals, or paper paw prints and have the kids hike out on a hunt! Here is a creative example:

Be sure to head over to Pinterest as well to see loads of Bear Hunt Party ideas, perfect to help you plan your fun adventure!