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Free Printable Karate Party Game: Karate Master Quest

Free Printable Karate Master Quest Game from B.Nute productions
All potential karate stars as well as 80's movie fans will love this free printable game to play at their Karate Party-- the Karate Master Quest game. Karate Kid fans should remember the scene when it all comes together for Daniel (the Karate Kid)-- when all the mundane choirs he's been doing for his sensei, Mr. Miyagi come together and begin to make him a true karate kid. And, yes it definitely includes favorites like "paint the fence" and "sand the floor!" Read below on how to play and get your party guests running around mastering all types of karate skills without their knowledge.

Karate Master Quest Game
How to Play
You can either do this as a relay race, or just have individuals go through the "steps" of the quest and time them or evaluate them on accuracy. Be sure to run through all the stations first, to give example of how it is done. There are 10 stations total to complete before the party guest can become a "karate master." Here is the details of each station:

Station 1: Bow
Bowing is an important ritual to karate. One must bow before entering and exiting the dojo (class room) and typically bow before their sensei (teacher) and competitor. For this station, have the guest perform a perfect bow. Remember, keep eye contact while bowing, as Mr. Miyagi teaches.
Station 2: Paint the Fence
It's all in the wrist-- be sure to demonstrate the painting up, and painting down motion that Mr. Miyagi teaches so well in Paint the Fence in Karate Kid. Have them paint a fence or wall with a paintbrush and water for 2 minutes before moving on to the next station.
Station 3: Wax On/Wax Off
Teach the kids the motions to "wax on" and "wax off" - and wax some sort of surface. Using sponges and water, have each guest wax on and wax off for 2 minutes before moving to the next station.
Station 4: Catch a Feather with Chopsticks
In the Karate Kid movies, time is spent trying to catch a fly with chopsticks (although Mr. Miyagi has yet to do it.) Instead of spending the entire party trying to catch a fly, have the player try to catch a floating feather. Drop a feather from up high and try to catch it in the chopsticks. Give the player up to 5 trys to accomplish the task before moving on to the next station.
Station 5: Sand the Floor
Daniel (the Karate Kid) is tasked with sanding all of Mr. Miyagi's deck. Teach the players the motions to sand the floor properly, then have them do it for 2 minutes before moving on to the next station.
Station 6: Count to 10 (in Japanese)
Break up the karate actions with an intellectual task, counting to 10 in Japanese. Have them read through the numbers several times, then try to repeat it from memory before moving to the next station.
Station 7: Paint the House
Painting the house is similar to painting the fence, but with a horizontal motion instead. Have players paint the house for 2 minutes before moving to the next station.
Station 8: Karate Chop a Cracker
Who doesn't want to show their karate prowess by chopping something?! Instead of going for wood, use a graham cracker for easier chopping, but just as much fun. Have each player chop one graham cracker in half before moving to the next station.
Station 9: One Minute of Silence
Before completing the quest, have each player sit in silence for one minute. You can challenge their will by trying to make them laugh, and tell them they have to stay silent! After they've completed one minute of silence, they can move to the next station.
Station 10: Do the Karate Kid Crane
An impressive move in concentration and power, have each player perform the crane pose (to the crane kick), and hold it for 1 minute. If they are so inclined, they can even try to perform the kick as well. Once you deem the move is correct, award the player with a prize for completing his/her karate master quest!

Free Printable Karate Master Quest Game
Free Printable Karate Master Quest Game from B.Nute productions
Instructions for Printing Your Karate Master Quest Game
1. Select the link above at the bottom of the image, and print out the game on an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper. Use white card stock to add some weight to the game.
2. Print enough for each player if you'd like. Once printed, cut out the 8"x10" game and hand out to each player to become a karate master!

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