Friday, October 11, 2013

Notes from the Studio: Fall Has Gone Viral + Fall Photography Ideas

Fall Has Gone Viral
As I sit here on a cold, foggy morning, and watch my Pinterest notifications flood in, I realize, Fall has truly gone viral! Who knew this season was so loved? I guess Pinterest did! What's the culprit pin, you ask? A lovely shot of Fall trees, looking up.

The Viral Fall Pin: Fall Foliage Photography Idea: Look Up! (fish eye lens optional)
[Note: Unfortunately, I could not find the source of this picture. If you do find it, please let me know, I would like to give full credit to this viral pic!]
At the end of last week, I created a Fall Foliage board on my Wanderlust Designer Pinterest page. I had just written an article on my other blog about products to pack for your Fall outing. Besides a whole host of pins pointing folks to sites that predict the exact moment to head out the door to see Fall color, I also had fun pinning some sample images for Fall photography inspiration. Seems like folks like photographing fall. The viral pin is one of them!

I haven't yet gotten myself out the door to try these photography shots... here in California, I'm waiting for a few more leaves to turn. We are well behind the rest of the country on Fall colors, but, when they do really change, I'll be ready.

In case you need some Fall photography inspiration, here are some ideas I found by trolling around my favorite spot, Pinterest:
  • Look Up - Capture the fall colors by looking up into the trees.
  • Fall in the City - It's sometimes hard to see Fall through all the buildings, cars, and city traffic-- but there are shots waiting to be taken. Head to the park, and find a bench. Find a leaf covered street, or a tree lined sidewalk. Juxtapose fall color with concrete buildings and sky scrapers. Fall in the city can be beautiful
  • Just the Reflection - After a rainy Fall afternoon, head out and just take pictures of puddles and ponds reflecting the fall colors. The photos can be abstract, artsy and gorgeous.
  • Get Low - Get on your knees and shoot pictures of the sidewalk covered with leaves, or the hiking path filled with foliage.
  • Ribbon of Highway - If you are off on a Fall Foliage Weekend, but sure to stop the car on a rural street and capture the ribbon of road through the Fall colors. Make sure to watch for traffic, if you do!
  • Close Up - Close up of leaves, acorns, and other Fall foliage make great pictures. One friend found a rainbow of leaf colors on a hike, then arranged the in order. The rainbow leaf spread photograph was amazing!
  • Playing with Leaves - Kids love to play with leaves in the Fall. Have them throw a pile of leaves in the air and capture the color. Play with shutter speed to get great color blur.

And for more fall photography inspiration, see these sites:

Looking forward to pinning your Fall photos and watching them go viral! Have a great weekend.