Thursday, October 3, 2013

Karate Party Ideas: Decorations, Games, Food, and Crafts

Loads of Karate Party Ideas - Decorations, Games, Foods, Crafts & More from B.Nute productions
You've mailed the invitation and your child is counting the days. Now it's time for some serious party planning of what to do when all the kids arrive and are ready for action at your Karate Party. Look no further, below are loads of Karate Party Ideas from decorations to games, menu ideas to crafts-- there will be no shortage of fun!

Karate Party Decoration Ideas
Karate Party: The Look from B.Nute productions
Karate is a martial art developed in Okinawa, Japan. For decoration inspiration for your Karate Party, think of all the wonderful Japanese and asian influences you can add to your space. From lanterns to neon lights, zen posters to Karate Kid memorabilia, all these looks will do. Another option is to head to a local art store and look for some Japanese papers or origami papers. These Asian style patterned papers can make a great banner, cupcake toppers or other decoration. Or, to simplify, pick a strong Asian color scheme like red and black and emphasis this in your space (from crepe paper, lanterns, paper plates, napkins and more.) Add some bonsai and bamboo on the buffet table and your set!

Karate Party Game and Entertainment Ideas
Karate Party Game Ideas from B.Nute productions
Karate Studio
Heading to your local Karate studio for your party is a perfect way to entertain the kids and teach them a few moves as well. Call you local studio to see if they offer parties, sign your crew up and your set!

Karate Sensei at Home
If your budget allows, you could hire a professional Karate master to come to your home and teach a few moves. If you are looking for a less expensive option, look into a tween or teen neighbor who enjoys karate to come over a teach what he knows. Send out some emails to other moms and/or parents of classmates to see if they have any older siblings who may fit the bill.

Karate Obstacle Course Game
For Karate Parties at home, here's a great game to get the kids running and let off some energy, a Karate Obstacle Course. In your yard, driveway, or home set up a course to have the kids run through. Put out pillows to jump over, styrofoam blocks to kick over, cones to run in and out of, pillows to punch, and fold out tables to crawl under. Be sure to have the kids bow at the beginning and end of the course to make it official. Have kids run through it and time them to see who is fastest. Give a prize or two for the fastest.

Best Fancy Moves Contest
Although not necessarily authentic karate, I'm sure if asked, your gang of karate kids can come up with some pretty elaborate karate-like moves. Have a contest to see who can come up with the best move. Offer different prizes for different moves, like "Most Dramatic", "Most Energetic", "Most Zen", "Most Authentic", etc.

Sensei Says
Play a game of Simon Says, but call it "Sensei Says". A sensei, or karate teacher is highly revered and should be for this game as well. Let each child have a turn at being sensei.

Watch Karate Kid Movies or Action Scenes
Whether you want to go "old school" and show the original Ralph Macchio Karate Kid movies, or if you want to show the more recent version with Jaden Smith, either movie will be highly entertaining for the crowd. (Note: Each movie is rated PG, so potentially young audiences are not suitable.) If you don't have time to watch the full movie, perhaps just queue up the action scenes to get all the kids in the karate spirit.

Karate Party Craft Activities
Karate Party Craft Activties from B.Nute productions
Karate Kid Headband
Who can forget Ralph Macchio's very cool headband in the Karate Kid? I sure can't? This is a simple craft activity all the kids will love, and love to wear too. It will be great for party pictures as well, so possibly do this project towards the beginning of the party to get everyone in character for the fun. Here are the simple instructions:

  1. Purchase light white fabric- this can even be liner fabric. 
  2. Tear or cut long strips, about 2" wide and 1 yard long. (For amount of fabric needed: a typical bolt of fabric is 44" wide. If you buy a yard of fabric, and make 2" strips, you will have roughly 22 strips.)
  3. Set out Sharpie markers and/or fabric markers and strips of fabric on a table. Have kids color/design the very center of the fabric strip. This will be in the center of their forehead. You can print out a picture of Ralph's headband as example!
  4. Once complete, tie on to the kids' heads and start taking pictures!

Karate Kid Belt
A karate belt is an honored and treasured piece to a karate outfit. The varied colors are awarded only through hard work, effort and expertise. Perhaps some of the kids at the party have their own earned belts at home, and of course might be very excited to share their progress! But, for the party, instead of using a traditional, honored belt, do something a little different and have the kids make their own. Similar to the headband craft above, have the kids come up with a unique design for their belt. Have them make it colorful and fierce to show their enthusiasm for the sport. To make, simply follow the headband instructions above, but buy a bit longer fabric. Perhaps 2-3 yards will allow for a longer strip to tie around the child's waist once decorated.

Zen Garden
Here's a great craft activity to do at the end of the party so the karate masters find their inner peace. Have each child create a zen garden. Here's what you need: shoe box lids, wrapping paper or contact paper, sand, rocks, and plastic forks. Gather up a bunch of shoe box lids, and/or ask friends and family to help if you don't have enough for each kid. Wrap the lid with decorative wrapping paper (possibly Japanese patterned papers), or wood style contact paper. Set the lids out on a large table. Let kids fill the lid with sand, and select some decorative rocks. Now, give them a plastic fork, or if you'd rather, a mini-zen rake and let them rake their peaceful garden. Here are a few samples on the web of variations on this project:

Paper Lantern
Paper lanterns are a festive addition to any party. Have the kids craft paper lanterns out of Japanese patterned paper.

Karate Party Menu Ideas
Karate Party Menu Ideas from B.Nute productions
Some adventurous kids will love sushi, but some may not be ask excited to try. There are plenty of kid-friendly sushi options to serve:

Chicken Yakitori
Chicken Yakitori is basically small chicken cubes on a stick, but much tastier. It's easy finger food yet great protein for energy for kids on the move.

Here's another great finger food that packs in the protein, Edamame. Just set out a bowl full and have folks eat as much as they'd like.

Rice Chips, Chinese Rice Cracker Snacks, Fried Wontons
Pick up some rice snacks and the likes and set out in bowls for more finger food options.

Chinese Take Out Options
Although it's not Japanese themed, Chinese food is another great alternative menu option for your Karate Party, and easy on preparation. Just order off a local chinese restaurant menu, pick up and serve. Some kid-friendly options include egg rolls, chow mien noodles, fried rice, pot stickers, and many more.