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Around the Clock Baby Shower - Gift Ideas for the New Parents for Every Hour

Around the Clock Baby Shower: Gift Ideas for Every Hour
An Around the Clock Baby shower is a great theme for any new parents-to-be! It's amazing all the things a new little one needs, even at 3:00AM! Assign each guest with a specific hour of the day, and have them find a gift just right for that hour.

Need help with gift ideas? No problem. Here's a list of gift ideas for new parents at every hour of the day. I've also created an Around the Clock Baby Shower Pinterest board with loads of examples. So, pick an hour and get going.

1:00AM - Feeding Time
The baby is up and it's the middle of the night. Here are some must-have items for 1am: a cozy chair for the nursery, baby bottle warming/cooling kits, baby bottles, warm slippers and a robe for the mom, a soft blanket, some audio books for listening to softly

2:00AM - Sick Baby!
The baby is fussy and crying and not feeling well. Here are some must-have items for 2 am: stock the parent's medicine cabinet with recommended baby remedies, get a nice thermometer, buy a cute humidifier, stock up on lots of wipes

3:00AM - Sleeping Baby, Finally!
The baby is finally asleep, and so are the exhausted parents. Here are some must-have items for 3am: comfortable eye cover to block out any light, new sheets and linens to help new parents fall asleep fast, black out curtains for the babies room.

4:00AM - Fussy Baby
Some babies are just fussy and want to be held. Here are some must-have items for 4am: parenting books on babies, teething rings, stuffed animal, lullaby CD, white noise machine, humidifier, pacifiers, soft blankets, coupon for lots of patience!

5:00AM - Early Morning Feeding
The baby is up again for a feeding. Here are some must-have items for 5am: keep the room dark with black out shades for a few more hours of sleep, baby bottles are always helpful to new parents, a rocking chair.

6:00AM - Rise & Shine
Time to rise and shine for a new day with baby. Here are some must-have items for 6am: the best part of a having a new baby is the adorable clothes! Stock up on a few cute outfits for the little one. Buy a bunch of outfits for a specific season (and size based on the babies age.) Find some baby booties to keep the toes warm in the morning.

7:00AM - Breakfast Time
It's breakfast time with baby. Here are some must-have items for 7am: all new parents need a high chair, spill mat, bibs, feeding utensils, etc. New parents may need lots of coffee to wake up, perhaps indulge them with a new coffee maker, or a single cup coffee maker. Another idea is to subscribe them to a coffee of the month club.

8:00AM - Music Time with Baby
Babies love music and there's no reason not to start their musical career young. Here are some must-have items for 8am: rattles, shakers, bongo drums, toy xylophone, baby music on CD, classical music CD's for baby, etc.

9:00AM - Mommy & Baby Exercise Time
Mommies and babies both feel better with a little exercise. Here are some must-have items for 9am: Exercise mat for mom, playmat for baby, stretchy clothes for baby, new workout outfit for mom, mommy/baby exercise class coupons, mommy/baby exercise book, pedometer.

10:00AM - Morning Nap Time
Mommies and babies both need a morning nap, especially if there was not a lot of sleep at night. Here are some must-have items for 10am: blanket, lullaby CD for nap time, nap time books to read, pacifiers, stuffed animal, white noise machine.

11:00AM - Playtime
Refreshed from a morning nap, there's nothing more fun than playtime with baby. Here are some must-have items for 11am: play mat, baby "gym", baby toys, stuffed animals, bouncy seat, educational toys, baby "activity" books

12:00PM Noon - Lunch Time
Lunch is served. Here are some must-have items for 12pm noon: bowls, spoons, sip cups, personalized plate, personalized spoon, personalized cup, baby food organizer (for kitchen), etc.

1:00PM - To the Park
Baby will love a stroll to the park in the afternoon. Here are some must-have items for 1pm: stroller, front pack carrier, baby sling, waterproof blanket for the outdoors, baby sun hat, baby sunscreen, blanket for the stroller, diaper bag, etc.

2:00PM - Afternoon Nap
There's nothing like an afternoon nap for baby and a little time for mom to get things done. Here are some must-have items for 2pm: blanket, black out shades for the nursery, gift coupons to help mom with chores, gift coupons to help mom with grocery shopping, gift coupon for house cleaner to help the new parents, etc.

3:00PM - Art Class with Baby
No matter how young babies love art. Here are some must-have items for 3pm: picture books about art, no-mess art sets for babies/toddlers, building blocks, rainbow of colored stuffed toys, baby approved finger paints, art kits for commemorating baby's footprints/handprints.

4:00PM - Afternoon Stroll
A little afternoon stroll with baby can breathe some fresh air into any afternoon. Here are some must-have items for 4pm: baby sling, baby front pack carrier, diaper bag, stroller, blanket for stroller, knitted hat for baby, etc.

5:00PM - Dinner Time
The day is coming to a close and it's time for dinner. Here are some must-have items for 5pm: baby food processing items (blender), recipe books for healthy baby foods, storage containers for home made baby food, coupon to help make baby food for the new mom, coupon for some home cooked meals for the tired parents, etc.

6:00PM - Bath Time
Bath time can be the best part of baby's day. Here are some must-have items for 6pm: baby bath tub, bath mits, personalized bath towels, bath toys, baby bath soaps and lotions, etc.

7:00PM - Reading Time
Time for some quiet reading to help get the baby ready for bed. Here are some must-have items for 7pm: baby board books, picture books, a set of books from your favorite children's author, personalized book plates, personalized book about baby's name, nursery rhyme books, classic baby books, etc.

8:00PM - Bed Time
Time for bed for baby. Here are some must-have items for 8pm: blankets, baby bedding, crib bumpers, decorations for the nursery, lullaby music, mobile for over crib, pacifiers, etc.

9:00PM - Mommy Rest and Relaxation Time
Finally the baby is asleep and it's time for mom to have a little r 'n r. Here are some must-have items for 9pm: spa lotions, bath salts, comfortable robe, comfortable slippers, specialty teas, gift certificate for good books.

10:00PM - Soothing Tunes & Good Flicks
Although exhausted, parents still need a little time to themselves. Here are some must-have items for 10pm: newly released movies on DVD for parents, coupon for babysitting time so parents can go out, new music CD's, DVD's of parent's favorite TV episodes, etc.

11:00PM - Parents Fall Asleep in Exhaustion
There are no more nights staying up late when a baby is in the house. Here are some must-have items for 11pm: new pajamas for the parents, new bedding for the parents, etc.

12:00AM Midnight - Midnight Snack
Who doesn't need a midnight snack sometimes? Here are some must-have items for 12am: gift basket filled with quick snacks for tired parents who can't sleep.


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