Monday, May 5, 2008

It's Fiesta Day!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!! I love this “holiday”... I know it’s a heavily Americanized holiday-- and possibly in Mexico they don’t celebrate it nearly as much as our Budweiser inspired society, but I still like the day. In fact, I think a Fiesta at any time of year is just a GOOD IDEA! Why, you ask?

First, I love Mexican food. I could live on chips and salsa (this is not necessarily a good thing...). Tostadas, tacos, tamales, you name it, I love it. I particularly love a good taco salad. My mom always made it growing up, and I’m keeping that tradition by making it for my family too.

Second, I love the folk art of Mexican paper cutting called papel picado. You know what it is... those festive paper flags, cut in all types of shapes. I definitely don’t think those have to be reserved for a fiesta... any time of year they look great!

Lastly, who stays away from a good pinata contest? I know, I know, it’s a bit creepy when someone picks out the head of their favorite character (say, a princess, or Barbie, or animal), and starts WHACKING at it. I say, stick with the symbols... a star, a number, or something that’s brightly colored, fill it with all sorts of goodies and have fun! At your next adult fiesta, try filling the pinata with adult-only trinkets... how ‘bout airline sized plastic liquor bottles, some starbucks gift cards, a little bottle of lotion (plastic, again)-- anything small is great!

Hope you had a great cinco de mayo... filled with chips, salsa and a pinata!