Sunday, November 16, 2008

Christmas Craft Craziness

It's that time of year again... it's holiday craft fair time, and I'm knee deep into it! I'm so fortunate to have a studio to work in, but this time of year, I have spread out to every corner of our house to create... a table here, a table there... glitter here, paper cutting there... my husband is so tolerant :)

I'm a relative newbie to this whole craft fair craziness... which is quite intimidating when many of my fellow artist friends have been doing this for years. I'm sure as the years pass, I'll get a little better organized... a little ahead of myself, and not need to spread out to every corner of the house. I doubt it!
I found a great way to pass time while I was engrossed in production was listening to craft podcasts like Crafty Pod and Craft Sanity. I know it's totally geeky, and a little sad, but I found a little taste of that craft community while I listened to the interviews and heard other crafters stories... I was also very inspired by all of their stories of success.

I hope your holiday season is just starting, and if you're searching for that perfect gift, head to a craft fair... perhaps you'll find something you just can't resist :)