Monday, February 16, 2009

So, You Want Be President?

For some reason, even though there always is a school holiday for Presidents Day, we never seem to celebrate the meaning of the day... So, this weekend, when we went to the library, I checked out a great book to read to the kids, "So You Want to Be President," by Judith St. George and David Small.
It's quite a humorous read... giving all sorts of facts about past Presidents, and things they shared or didn't share in common. For instance, if you're name is James, you may have a better chance of being president, since there has been 5 presidents named James!

For a family tradition idea, I tasked my kids to come up with a slogan they'd use if they ran for president. My daughter said she'd declare the national food to be candy... and my son, well he didn't really say it, but I think he'd promote thumb-sucking at any age!

So, Happy Birthday George and Abe, and have a nice President's Day.