Wednesday, July 1, 2009

50 Incredible Years!

My parents just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary!! It's been almost 3 days since all the festivities, yet I feel like I'm still just recovering... and it wasn't even my 50th anniversary!!

What an amazing party. It was held on the same day and same place as my parent's wedding 50 years ago. Ironically, the weather also needed to repeat itself with a scorcher of over 100 degrees, just like their day.

For the special day, I created a custom banner, based on my "I Do" wedding banner. Here's a picture below...
I had so much fun working with actual pictures from their day... they fit just perfectly with the collage of ephemera in the background.

I especially love the picture above of them toasting the day. My mom also wanted a larger banner to go over the band, so I created this long one with background colors similar to the flower color scheme.

Here are my parents, toasting to 50 amazing years! It was definitely a party I'll never forget!
To 50 more incredible years!!!