Sunday, August 23, 2009

When in Truckee...

If you're ever in Truckee, California,
you must visit the Truckee Variety Co. shop.
Kids going crazy after a long car ride?
Are things getting a little tight in the cabin
and you needed a break?
This store has everything you'd ever need to satisfy any young one,
or anyone who's just plain young at heart!
There's the bins of plastic animals
(anyone up for a game of zoo?)
Plastic wind up toys to play with...
More rows of assorted stuff...
all kinds of stuff...
and even a wall of gag toys.
You know the kind,
the whoppee cushion,
the fly in the ice cube...
those gag toys!

There's plenty more to see
as you can tell by my son's expression!
Puzzles, art supplies, games, cars and more...
So, when in Truckee, make sure you take time to stop!