Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Little Things

One of our holiday decorating traditions in our family is to put up a small tree in each of the kid's rooms. It's not a real tree, gorgeous fresh sprigs of greenery planted in a cute vintage tin... and it is not an elaborate, yet always creative Martha Stewart creation... it's just one of those fake little ol' trees from the craft store... but the kids just LOVE it!! When the decorations come out, this is the first thing that is requested... "Where's the tree for my room?"

Along with the tree, I bought a couple packages of the mini-ornaments. They love the little candy canes, and presents. Yes, if I get a moment of extra time, these candy canes can be hand made from pipe cleaners, and the little presents made from extra scraps of decorative papers... but for now, they are just the store bought ones... and again, LOVED!

Some years, they add some of their own art creations to the tree... the construction paper star (that's almost 1/3 the size of the tree) is one of my favorites. Some years, the tree stays pretty much as it was initially decorated.

One of these years, we'll try a fancier version of this tradition, but for now, our lil'store bought trees are just perfect.

What are your little traditions this time of year?