Monday, August 30, 2010

*The* List of Party Themes

In honor of kids heading back to school, I thought this week I'd dedicate my blog posts to lists, you know the kind... like a back to school list of supplies, but these lists are all party focused, of course! I just love lists. I hope these are helpful in the future for you!

Today's list is of party themes. This is to help all those up late at night wondering what on earth they will do for their child's next birthday? I'm sure something below will catch your eye!

20's Flapper Girl Party
3 Little Piggies Party
40's Big Band Party
50's Beebop Sock Hop Party
50's Soda Fountain Party
80's Glam Rock Party
African Safari Party
Alpine Skiing Party
Around the World Party
Art Party
Ballerina Party
Baseball Party
Basketball Party
Beach Party
Beehive Hairdo/Retro Party
Big Apple Party
Big Game Party
Big Hair Rocker Party
Board Game Party
Bon Voyage (luggage, map, hotels)
Bon Voyage (roadtrip)
Broadway Baby Party
Butterfly Party
Camp Out
Carousel Party
Champagne Tasting Party
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Party
Charlottes Web Party
Cheese and Wine Party
Cherry Party
Chinese Party
Chocolate Party
Chronicles of Narnia Party
Cinderella Party
Circus Animals Party
Circus Big Top Party
Circus Billboard Party
Circus Parade party
Clambake/Lobster Boil/Crab Feast
Construction/Builder Party
County Fair Party
Cowgirl Party
Cupcake Party
Destination Party
Dinosaur Party
Disco/Dance Party
Doll Party
Dragonflies Party
Egyptian Party
Fairy: Flower Fairy
Fairy: Glitter Fairy Princess
Fairy: Modern Fairy
Fairy: Woodland Fairy
Farm Party
Fashion Show Party
Firehouse Party
Fondue Party
Football Party
Fortune Teller (Palm Reading, Tarot Card) Party
Golf Party
Grand Prix Race Car Party
Gypsy Party
Hardy Boys
HipHop Party
Hockey Party
Hollywood Party
Honey Bee Party
Hula Girl Party
Ice Skating Party
India Party
Indiana Jones Party
Insect/Bug Party
Italian Party
Jazzy Jazz Party
Jumpy House Party
Jungle Party
Karate Party
Kite Party
Knight and Dragon
Lady Bug Party
Let is Snow Winter Party
Lil'Gardener Party
Ma Petite (Toile) party
Mad Hatter Party
Mad Scientist Party
Magic Party
Makeover/Model Party
Masquerade Party
Memphis Blues Party
Mini Golf Party
Mobster/Mafia/Gangster Party
Monkey Party
Moroccan Party
Movie Party
Movie Star Party
Mustache Bash
Nancy Drew
Nifty 50's Party
Nursery Rhyme Party
Olympic Party
Paper Lantern Party
Paperdoll Party
Paris Party
Party Hats Party
Perfume Party
Pinball Party
Pirate party
Playtime Party
Polka Dot Party
Pool Party
Pretty Posies Garden Party
Princess and Knight Royal Party
Princess Fairy Tale Party
Princess: Egyptian Princess Party
Princess: Indian Princess Party
Robin Hood Party
Robot Party
Rock Climbing Party
Rock Star - Guitar Party
Rock Star - Singer Party
Sailboat Party
Shark Party
Sherlock Holmes Party
Skateboarding Party
Sledding/Tubing Party
Sleepover Party
Snow White Party
Snowboarding Party
Soccer Party
South of France Party
Spa Party
Space/Rocket Party
Spy Party
Star Wars Party
Stargazing Party
Summer BBQ
Summer Camp
Summer of Love Hippie Party
Superhero Party
Surfer Party
Sweet 16
Sweet Treas Party
Tailgate Party
Tatoo Party
Teapot/Teacup Tea Party
Tennis Party
The Dish, Spoon, Cow, Moon Party
Tiki Party
Toy Shop Party
Train (ticket) Party
Truck Party
Under the Sea Party
Video Game Party
Vineyard Party
Wakeboarding Party
Water Park Party (sprinklers)
Western "Wanted" Showdown Party
Western Round Up Party
Wind in the Willows Party
Wine Tasting Party
Wizard of Oz Party
Woodland Party
Zodiac Party
Zoo Party

This list will be posted in a permanent location on my website, with categorization and all! I'll be sure to let you know when it's there. If I've missed some themes, (which I'm sure I have) please let me know so I can add them to the list!

Happy Party Planning!