Monday, May 9, 2011

Superhero Comic Book Party!

Superhero Comic Book Party by B.Nute productions
Last week I hosted my children's elementary school's Founder's Day celebration. It is a PTA event that honors all the outstanding volunteers in our school. I've enjoyed chairing this event the last couple of years, because, in a sense, it is like throwing a little party! This year I decided to go with a superhero theme, since really, these volunteers are superheroes. They put so much time, energy, love and dedication into our school, it's amazing.

Now that the event is over, I'm looking forward to making these party items (invitations, tags, banner, etc.) into a full party kit available from my store. Stay tuned for updates, and/or if you'd like it sooner, just hollar and give me an email!

Well, it's up, up and away... until next time!


dusty@TheRedPolkaDot said...

Hello, WOW am I overwhelmed with the good things you are creating. Each post seems to be better than the last. I wanted to feature some of your free printables at TheRedpolkaDot on the 13th. I give you all the credit and give the links back to your blog and I can even link to your cute Etsy store. Just wanted to make sure it was ok and also tell you THANK YOU for sharing your talents!