Monday, June 6, 2011

Cheery Cherry Party Game and Activity Ideas

The crowd is gathered and ready to go at your Cherry Party, now it's time for some fun! Below are some game and activity ideas for your juicy fruit gathering.

Pin the Cheery on the Tree
Here's a twist on the age-old game Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but this time it's cherries and a tree. This will also make a great decoration on the wall.

1 large teen poster board
1 brown poster board
Red construction paper
Circle cutter
Green pipe cleaners

1. Cut a large cloud shape out of the green poster board.
2. Cut a trunk shape out of the tree.
3. Cut circles out of the red construction paper (approximately 1-2" circles.) punch a hole in the top, and fold the green pipe cleaner through the hole to be a stem.
4. Tape or hang the trunk and tree top to a wall.

To play, hand each child a cherry. Put a piece of double stick tape on the back of it. Blindfold the child and spin around. Now let them try to stick the cherry on the tree. Hopefully it's close!

Pie Eating Contest from 1923 (on wikipedia)
Pie Eating Contest
If you're up for possibly a little mess, then this could be loads of fun and great picture opportunities. Buy some pie tins and fill with whatever is best for the age group-- You could fill with an actual pie, or just whip cream. Now, tie the kids hands around their back, and blow the whistle to start! Make sure to have your camera ready!

Cherry and Berry Summertime Charades
Make a list of all things cherry, berry, summery and red. Cut out the words and put folded up in a hat. Now have kids gather around and play charades. Here are some ideas for words:

  • Cherry
  • Cherry Popsicle
  • Suntanning
  • Making a Cherry Pie
  • Red Sand Pail
  • Sundae with a Cherry on Top
  • Picking Berries
  • Making Ice Cream
  • etc.

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Make Small Individual Pies
This can be a fun project with a satisfying finish! This can also be pretty easy if you by pre-made pie dough and pre-made filling! Look at the following websites for plenty of ideas as well as recipes. And/or perhaps you just want to make them ahead and serve-- not a problem!
Not Martha - to Make: Tiny Pies
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