Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fun in the Sun Pool Party: Decoration Ideas, Menu Ideas and More

Fun in the Sun Pool Party Invitation and Inspiration Board
Nothing says summer like a good old fashioned pool party! Having a summer birthday, I had many pool birthday parties growing up-- filled with friends, food and lots and lots of pool time! So whether your heading to your backyard pool or a public pool to host some fun, here are some decorating and menu ideas for your pool party.

Decoration Ideas
Fortunately, the pool takes center stage at this affair, so all you need are a few other accessories to add to the look and your ready to go!

Lots and Lots of Beach Balls
Nothing is more inviting than a pool full of blow up beach balls. They're colorful, fun to play with and great for kids to take home. You can pick up loads of different color beach balls at Oriental Trading.

Pool Inner Tubes
Another simple and colorful accessory for the pool are inner tubes... they also will be hours of fun for the kids!

Beach Towels on a Laundry Line
Colorful beach towels strung on a laundry line are a practical yet decorative addition to the poolside. You could even pick up some inexpensive beach towels and hand them out as "goodie bag" gifts at the end of the party. Customizing the towels with the kids name will also be a hit. You could do this simply with some iron on letters from your local sewing store, or have them professionally done.

Poolside Table Decor
Use a large beach towel or terry cloth fabric to cover the food table. Set out colorful plastic bowls filled with sinker toys, goggles, squirt toys and more. The table will look good and kids will love the goodies as well.

Menu Ideas
When thinking through a good menu for a pool party, think easy, fast finger food. In my experience, kids do not typically sit long for food when a tempting pool is by their side!

Small, bite size burgers are perfect by the pool Depending on the age of the crowd,  condiments can be kept to a minimum.

Bag of Chips
A small bag of chips will please almost all. You can very the flavors or keep it simple and just offer plain potato chips to reduce the risk of running out of some kid's favorite brand.

Fruit Kabobs
Small, cut up fruit pieces on a skewer add great nourishing food to the menu and taste good too.

Blue Punch and Flavored Waters
Don't forget the liquid refreshments. Fill up a large punch bowl with a blue drink (could be a drink like gatorade or your own home made concoction. If possible, use a small bunting cake pans to pre-make some inner tube ice floats. They'll look great floating in your mini-pool.

The treats served at a Fun in the Sun Pool party can be the best (and easiest) part! Here's a list of pre-made treat ideas:
  • Ice Cream Cone/Drumsticks
  • Eskimo Pies
  • Creamsicles
  • Astro Pops
  • Popsicles
  • It's It's
  • Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches (like Nestles)