Friday, September 2, 2011

Saturday Morning Cartoons! New Invitation and Inspiration on Pinterest

Cops 'n Robbers Invitation by B.Nute on Etsy and
Saturday Morning Cartoon Inspiration on Pinterest
Were you a Saturday Morning Cartoon junkie? Did you wake up early (even though it was Saturday and there was not school) just to run down and watch TV? I have to be honest, I did watch my fair share of cartoons growing up. We were pretty limited with our "allowed" TV time, but somehow, it managed to be on on Saturday morning, and stay on!

Recently I had a customer who requested a Cops and Robber cartoon style invitation. I thought this would be a fun invitation to add to my collection. I had a great time hunting around the internet to find cartoon inspiration. I've always been fascinated with cartoon animation-- the clean graphic look, with loads of whimsy in the characters expressions. I created a collection of nostalgic cartoons on Pinterest to get inspired.

In my exploration, I found that loads of folks love Saturday Morning Cartoons just as I remember.
Here are a few Saturday Morning Cartoon Memories from:

Lastly, If you haven't already gotten the DVD collections of old cartoons, you definitely should. My kids love them! They've been great for long car rides, as well as just a good 15 minute escape. Here are some reviews of the DVD's to check out:
Saturday Morning Cartoon DVD Review from
Saturday Morning Cartoon DVD Review from animated views
Saturday Morning Cartoon DVD Review from Golden Age Cartoons

Although it's just not the same now (obviously with cable TV-- cartoons can be found 24/7), maybe make it a little ritual, and just watch them on Saturday morning. See if your kids get the same excitement as you may have!