Thursday, October 13, 2011

Inspired by Italian Pottery: A Tuscan Invitation from B.Nute productions

Tuscan Party invitation by B.Nute productions**
Inspiration is everywhere! I can definitely attest to this. I must say, I can flip through a magazine, look out my window or spend about a second on the internet and will be inspired to make a new invitation.

When my sister asked me to create an invitation for her "Tuscan inspired" birthday celebration at a winery, the first thing that came to mind was Italian Pottery. If you happen to go to her house, you'd know why this came to mind-- not only is she nuts about Tuscany (and Provence), her home echos this color palette and styling to a T.

To create this Tuscan Party invitation, I looked through several different Italian pottery patterns and then hand drew my own. Then I scanned and "painted" it on the computer. Of course, a little "muddled" pottery texture in the background adds to the effect.

What inspired you today?

**Pottery Image Credits clockwise from left to right: Antique Italian Pottery by Bella Umbria, Italian Ceramic Dinnerware from Manor Home and Gifts, Italian Pottery Ceramics, That's, Italian Ceramics from Deruta at Forno Bravo, Hand Embroidery from Italian Pottery on Needle'n Thread, Italian Artistic Majolica from the Tuscan Kitchen.


Alice said...

The excellent heat distribution property of Tuscan clay is artfully complemented by the warm colors from the rural landscape of the region. The result is an ideal combination of function and beauty. A truly Italian luxury furniture.