Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Craft Party Kit Giveaway!

Craft Party Invitation by B.Nute productions
There's a big giveaway going on over at Just Something I Made this week, and my Craft Party Kit is part of the package! I'm so excited to be a part of Cathe Holden's Swag Bag giveaway. I just love her work-- she is a creative marvel-- so when she asked for sponsorships for her giveaway, I definitely chimed in!
Vintage Floral Scrapbook Paper by B.Nute productions - part of the Craft Party Kit
For her crafty audience, I created a vintage-style Craft Party Kit. This kit has:
8 Invitations
8 Envelopes
8 Decorative Tags
8 Menu Cards
and 2 sided matching craft papers!

Craft Party Kit - Tags and Menu Cards by B.Nute productions
I loved the idea that at her retreat they could use these tags and papers and embellish to their hearts content-- add glitter, ribbon, trim, vintage millinery, etc!

So, definitely head on over to Cathe's site: Just Something I Made and enter to win! This invitation is not yet available in my shop (it will come soon), but if you're in the crafty mood-- check out my assortment of different themed Digital Scrapbook Paper Packs. I've had so much fun designing these prints and patterns... I would love to see your creative touch to them!


José said...
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José said...

Yes! I like to enter this fabulous give away. I blogged about it and I'm following you both on facebook. I'll keep my fingers crossed... :-)