Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Around the Clock Bridal Shower - Gift Ideas for Every Hour

Around the Clock Bridal Shower Invitation by B.Nute productions
It's time for an Around the Clock Bridal Shower and you've been given the time of 3am. What in the world will you give the new bride and groom that they can use at 3am? Look no further. Here's a list of gift ideas for every hour of the day to help with ideas for your next Around the Clock Bridal Shower!

1:00am - Bedtime
Gift Ideas: matching PJ's, matching robes, slippers, earplugs

2:00am - Sound Asleep
Gift Ideas: linens, pillows, blankets, bedroom curtains

3:00am - A Little Romance
Gift Ideas: candles, lingerie, novelty gifts

4:00am - Hangover/Medicine Cabinet Raid
Gift Ideas: aspirin, cold compress, heating pad, first aid kit, assorted bandaids

5:00am - The World Still Sleeps... Except
Gift Ideas: newspaper subscription, black out curtains for bedroom, eyemasks

6:00am - Early Bird Hour
Gift Ideas: shower curtain, bath towels, bath linens, shower caddy, fancy soaps and shampoos, hair dryer, make up mirror

7:00am - Up and at 'Em
Gift Ideas: alarm clock, coffee maker, coffee mugs, nice coffees and teas

8:00am - Breakfast Time
Gift Ideas: toaster, waffle maker, omelet maker, smoothie machine, egg cups, juice glasses, juice pitcher, breakfast linens, breakfast table ware

9:00am - Workout
Gift Ideas: free weights, yoga mat, exercise/gym bag, juicer, power bars, work out DVD's, exercise equipment

10:00am - Commute Hour
Gift Ideas: commuter coffee/tea mugs, sunglasses, iTunes gift card, gift certificate to audio books, car organizer/car accessories, at home car wash supplies

11:00am - At the Office
Gift Ideas: office supplies, desk set, desk lamp, nice tape dispenser and pencil sharpener, personalized stationery, personalize return address labels

12:00pm/Noon - Lunch is Served
Gift Ideas: lunch table linens, panini maker, soup bowls, placemats, picnic set

1:00pm - Yard Work Brings Couples Together
Gift Ideas: trowel, hand rake, gift certificate to local nursery, clippers/hand cutters, gardening gloves, nice outdoor pots (pre-planted), spade, shovel, mower, nice hose, large clippers

2:00pm - In the Garage
Gift Ideas: saw, hammer, tool box, tool bench, jigsaw, electric saw, screwdriver set, power cords, assortment of nails and screws, picture hanging ware

3:00pm - Rest and Relaxation
Gift Ideas: magazine subscription, picture books, throw blanket, snack tray

4:00pm - Tea Time
Gift Ideas: tea set, serving trays, tiered stand, cookie tray and recipes, fancy tea set

5:00pm - Sports and Games
Gift Ideas: board games, cards, card table, sports equipment, stadium cushion seat, local sports team gear

6:00pm - Cocktails
Gift Ideas: shaker, ice bucket, cocktail glasses, wine glasses, cocktail napkins, hors d'oeuvre trays, cheeseboard, cheese knives, wine, spirits

7:00pm - Dinner's On
Gift Ideas: cook books, pots and pans, themed food baskets, pantry supplies, kitchen utensils, baking ware, kitchen towels, crock pot, fondue pot, table linens

8:00pm - Dessert is Served
Gift Ideas: cake stand, dessert cook books, dessert wine glasses, chocolate fondue pot, dessert plates, dessert baking ware (cupcake tins, cake tins, icing funnels, etc.)

9:00pm - Movie Time
Gift Ideas: popcorn maker, throw blanket, new dvd's and/or dvd player, netflix or other online gift certificate, themed movie set

10:00pm - Night on the Town
Gift Ideas: travel guide to city, restaurant/bar guide to city, music gift certificates

11:00pm - Raid the Fridge
Gift Ideas: tupperware, late night snack items, useful and/or unusual condiments

12:00am/Midnight - Champagne Celebration
Gift Ideas: champagne flutes, champagne bucket, champagne, caviar, chocolates, candy dish


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