Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer means... Pool Games

Handstands in the Pool
My sister and I spent hours (and hours) playing in the pool in the summer. Endless games of "olympic gymnast", Marco Polo, under water tea parties, sharks and minnows and more. Below is a list of pool games for hours of fun. There's also a $1 blow up raft that can also be hours of entertainment. So, head in to the pool and have fun!

Olympic Gymnast - Perfect for an Olympic year... have kids make up "gymnastic" floor routines that they must do. Have one person watch the other as they perform and grade them. Make sure to include handstands, back bends, flips, cart wheels and more. (The best part is it is so much easier in the water!)

Underwater Tea Parties - I had a coach growing up who loved to throw under water tea parties. It was great practice for holding your breath, and also very fun to sit on the bottom of the pool (in the shallow end) and talk! One by one he'd let us know what we had to bring to the party and we'd go under water and put it on the "table."  Once the table was set, the food in place, we'd head back under and munch away!

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