Tuesday, June 4, 2013

An Old Fashioned Doll Party - Invitations and Party Ideas

Doll Party Invitation from B.Nute productions on Zazzle
Before my daughter was even 2, I knew she loved dolls. Even with all the stuffed animals she had as a baby, it was the rag doll who was her favorite. Soon, she began to mass quite a collection - more baby dolls than one could reasonably count. There was the doll who got a fever, the one who needed to be fed, a mini baby doll and her twin, a bald one, one with hair, and of course the most expensive of dolls, the American Girl doll that included her tale in history. So, a doll themed birthday party was only natural for her!
My Girl Who Loved Her Dolls by B.Nute productions
Now, many years later, she still loves her dolls. Although she's playing less and less, and I know any day now they will be a thing of the past, I won't forget all the creative play she has had with her companions. Below I've written up a couple different ideas for throwing a Doll Party for your doll-loving child.

An Old Fashioned Doll Tea Party
Old Fashioned Doll Tea Party by B.Nute productions
Before the party, get out all the dolls you have. Also, ask the guests to bring their favorite doll. Buy some pretend tea sets and set them out on trays. Find blankets, and if you have small "kid sized" tables, get those set up as well. Accessories with all-things-girly: table cloth, hankies, flowers, bows, and more.

Pretty Posies at a Doll Tea Party by B.Nute productions
When the guest arrive, have them get their doll ready for the fun Let them change the dolls outfit and fix the dolls hair. When all are ready, have them set up the tea party and start to play! Once the dolls are done with the tea party, have a real tea party for the girls.

Bring Your Dolls and Play
This doll party theme is an easy one to organize, just have the guest bring their favorite doll or two to the party and let the fun begin. Before the party, get as many doll clothes and accessories out in a central area-- from baby doll bottles, to diapers, to strollers to fancy dresses. Once the guests arrive, have them introduce their doll to the rest of the party. Then, let them have hours of fun playing dolls with their friends. Once the group tires out, bring out the food and treats for more party fun.

Create a Birthday Celebration for the Dolls
Have 2 birthday parties in one! Not only celebrate the birthday girl's day, but also have a doll birthday party as well. This doll party theme is perfect for the slightly older girl. From watching my daughter and her friends play, they love to create elaborate scenarios for their dolls and act out each party. Why not use this creativity and have the party guests throw a party for the dolls - from planning and creating the party decorations, invitations, gifts, and set up to throwing the actual party itself!

In the next few posts I'll give more ideas and some free printables to get started on creating a birthday party for the dolls. So be sure to stay tuned!