Friday, August 23, 2013

A Grand Adventure

Eiffel Tower at Dusk by Wanderlust Designer
How could I ever sum up one of the most incredible trips I've ever taken in one blog post? Very hard I must say! My family and I have just returned from a 4 week grand tour of Europe (at least that's what I'm calling it.) It's the after college backpacking trip my husband and I never took, with a few more luxuries (i.e., no backpack and no hostels) plus 2 kids. My husband and I have a lofty mission to explore all 6 continents (excluding Antarctica at this point, but who knows!) with my kids before they head off to college. Not only does this goal satisfy our own wanderlust, but we hope to instill the joys of travel to our kids and show them what an amazing, diverse world we live in. Last year we dabbled in South America, so this summer we decided to tackle Europe. Here are just a few highlights below.

Notre Dame at Dusk by Wanderlust Designer
Paris, France - Sharing the joie de vivre that is Paris with my kids.

Jammin' in the Streets of Zurich by Wanderlust Designer
Zurich, Switzerland - Seeing street musicians jammin' along the shores of Lake Zurich with all enjoying the show.

Liechtenstein by Wanderlust Designer
Liechtenstein - Loving our day trip to Liechtenstein to check off one more country on our list and see wanderlust grow in my kids' eyes!

Augustine Keller Beer Garden, Munich by Wanderlust Designer
Munich, Germany - The thrill of a pretzel that is bigger than you head-- it's the little things while traveling that are so memorable!

Prague Rooflines by Wanderlust Designer
Prague, Czech Republic - Exploring a new city where every turn is a feast for your eyes!

Johann Strauss Statue, Vienna, Austria by Wanderlust Designer
Vienna, Austria - Hearing classical music playing in the streets of Vienna and waiting to see Mozart walk around the corner at any minute!

The Grand Canal at Sunset by Wanderlust Designer
Venice, Italy - Over bridges, down alley ways, and into small squares... getting lost in the streets of Venice and enjoying every minute of it!

Aya Sofya Overlooking the Golden Horn, Istanbul, Turkey by Wanderlust Designer
Istanbul, Turkey - The call to prayer... a new experience for my kids and a moment for us all to reflect on what an incredible world we live in!

Note: Photos are credited to my other business and blog, Wanderlust Designer. For more details of my travels and photo essays of my trip, be sure to head over to my other blog and follow along!