Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Felt Gift Card Holders with Vintage Jewelry Embellishments

Felt Gift Card Holders Embellished with Vintage Jewelry
I know, I know... gift cards can be so impersonal. I still do have a couple requests for some on my holiday list, though, so I decided to jazz up the delivery to make them a little more special. There is so much crafty goodness happening with felt these days. I've seen a couple examples of felt card holders on the web, but decided to put a little
different spin on them by adding some vintage jewelry embellishments. I think they turned out festive and fun! They'd also be perfect as a coin purse or perhaps to hold a license and credit card one evening when you are out and about. Below are some simple instructions for making them yourself.

Make Your Own Felt Gift Card Holders
What's Needed:
Vintage baubles (I found mine at an antique store. These are old earrings and pins, and can many times be found in jars or bins for a reasonable price.)
8.5"x11" sheets of felt
various colors of embroidery thread
embroidery needle

How to Make:

Pick Out Some Vintage Baubles and Colorful Felt
1. Color coordinate your vintage jewelry/bauble with a colored piece of felt.
Cut the Felt, Then Sew the Sides and Jewelry in Place
2. Using a credit card for sizing, cut a strip of the felt length wise with pinking shears (or straight scissors if you'd rather.)
3. Fold the cut felt piece over the credit card and cut off any extra felt on the flap.
4. Pick out matching embroidery thread.
5. Sew the edges of the holder with embroidery thread.
6. Sew the bauble in place.
7. Cut a small slit on the flap to feed the bauble through (like a button.)
Sweet Vintage Gift Card Holder
8. Put the gift card inside, fold flap and attach with bauble!