Wednesday, March 19, 2014

1940's Swing Dance Party Invitations and Party Ideas

40's Swing Dance Party Invitations by B.Nute productions
I can just hear the big band playing... the drums start with a lively beat. In come the trumpets, showing their flare. Next up is the trombone, sax and cymbals chiming away. In pops the clarinet for a solo, and then the sultry voice... and what a voice it is. This is 40's swing music and it's the perfect theme for your upcoming party. Whether you are having a milestone birthday, hosting a retro gal gathering, or organizing the school dance, this theme and these 40's Swing Dance Spectacular invitations are just the ticket.
40's Swing Dance Spectacular Invitation by B.Nute productions on Zazzle
So, lace up those shoes, pin up your hair and let's get started on planning your big spectacular!

40's Swing Dance Party Decoration Ideas
To style your 1940's party, you can take lots of cues from a 50's sock hop, but instead a soda shop theme, your looking for something with a little more bebop and boogie woogie! Here are some suggestions for decorating your space:

  • Records - Head to the thrift store and pick up a bunch of old records. They are great to use as decoration on the walls, or fun to hang from string from the ceiling. You can also get creative and use records for your table, if you are having a sit down meal. Use them as a charger to set your plate on-- or for that matter a placemat for each guest. Records can also be used to decorate a buffet table.
  • Record Covers - While looking for records, be sure to look carefully for record covers too! Specifically, look for big band music and and other 1940's music. The album covers are perfect for decorating your space.
  • Sheet Music - Don't stop with just records and album covers, sheet music also makes a great decorative item. It can be used as a runner on a table or buffet, it can be strung up as a banner, or fill an entire wall as wallpaper. The wallpaper of sheet music can make a great backdrop for impromptu photos.

1940's Photo Booth
Set up an area of your party as a photo booth to take playful candids of your guests. Stock the area with plenty of props to enhance the scene. Here are some ideas below:

1940's Photo Booth Ideas & Props

  • backdrop of sheet music or dark velvet curtain
  • old fashioned microphone (perfect for pretend crooning)
  • 1940's men's hat
  • 1940's women's hats
  • Flower hair accessory for a woman's hair
  • trumpet
  • pin up girl wig

40's Swing Dance Party Activity Ideas
Of course, for this party, few activities or entertainment is needed, since dancing should be the spotlight! But, if you're looking for a few more ideas to entertain your crowd, look no further:

  • Have a Dance Contest - You can decide how competitive you'd like this to be. It can be as simple as judging by style or original moves, or you could judge for accuracy of guests performing a specific dance, like the Lindy Hop.
  • Have a 40's Costume Contest - Ask guests to dress in 40's attire and award the best outfits with some prizes. A classic pin up girl, a member of a big band, or a sailor all make great 1940's outfits!
  • Croon Like a 40's Star - Hold a crooning contest. Provide a few lines from a 40's tune and have guests give it there best shot. This can provide loads of laughs!
  • Hire a Dance Instructor- There's nothing like teaching the crowd some real 1940's dances like the Jitterbug or Boogie Woogie! If you need to stay in budget, hire a local college dance student to help out.


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nath mark said...

I had a buddy (who must remain nameless) who threw the best wedding I'd ever been to... to a point.

It was hosted at a mansion, had a Cinderella theme, and was capped off with the Newlyweds being transported in a vintage Rolls Royce. It was just like a Kennedy wedding, in my opinion.

Until the first dance, that is.

Whatever they spent on the wedding, which most likely delayed Dad's retirement by 40 years, vanished on their first dance.

The longest high school slow dance you've ever seen from Boys 2 Men. Long enough to make you want to detest the music, yawn, and go to do your taxes, write a novel, and return before it ends.
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