Friday, May 2, 2014

Kentucky Derby Essentials

The Essentials: Kentucky Derby - Drawing by B.Nute productions

"And they're off…"

They say it's the fastest 2 minutes in sports. I say it looks like a great party! The Kentucky Derby is coming up this weekend. I've never been, but it's definitely on my bucket list. I love the tradition surrounding the event- the chilled mint juleps in silver mugs, the festive hat decked out with flowers and floating butterflies if you'd like, and the red roses… lots and lots of beautiful blooming red roses.

Of course, there is actually a horse race involved too. A horse race seeped in history filled with skilled jockeys and well bred horses. Don't forget about a little luck. Sometimes it's the underdog who surprises the crowd!

I had a great time creating my "The Essentials: Kentucky Derby" drawing above. It includes all the necessary items for a wonderful Kentucky Derby-- from the mint julep, to the prize trophy. It's a great snapshot of a wonderful tradition that fleets by every year!