Monday, June 16, 2014

Free Printable Reading /Video Game Log

Free Printable Reading/Video Game Log by B.Nute productions
Summer break is here, and although my kids will be very active with swim team, tennis lessons, golf, traveling and more, I know we will still have lots of downtime.... downtime that if my son had his way would be spent playing video games.

I'm definitely not one to prohibit a little gaming. My kids like it and even my husband loves to join in on the weekends. Like everything, though, it needs to be in moderation. So, this summer we are starting something new. I've created a Reading/Gaming Log page to actively track their gaming time and their reading time. The initial plan is, for every minute they read, they will get a minute of game time. My daughter is a big reader, but my son on the other hand will read only every so often. He also thinks that 20 minutes of reading is a good amount... but when it comes to his iPad games, he can be engaged for 120 minutes and not blink an eye. I think this log will give the kids a chance to see how much time they do spend on these activities, and possibly modify it in the future and/or choose alternatives to gaming like possibly running around outside!

We'll see how it goes. I'll definitely report back mid-summer and let you know!

Free Printable Reading/Gaming Log
Free Printable Reading/Gaming Log by B.Nute productions

Instructions for Printing Your Reading/Gaming Log
1. Select link above, and print out from your browser. Use 8.5: x 11" paper.

2. Fill in your reading time and minutes and game time and minutes. In the balance column, subtract the gaming time from the reading time.

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