Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to School Again

My daughter started first grade today. The craziest thing is I remember when I started first grade! Here I am in the picture above, wearing my favorite snoopy outfit. I loved that dress!

Before this time, I’ve always thought... “I wonder if my daughter will remember this... or that,” given I don’t really have many vivid memories from before 5 years old or so. Well, now I can safely say to myself, “she may remember this for the rest of her life.” Eeeeghads. The pressure is now on. Time to create some good memories!!

To the rest of the mommies out there with school-age kids--- congrats, you’ve survived another summer, and now the kids are back in school. As much as I’ll miss summer, I’m looking forward to a little more time for myself!

Enjoy those few hours before the bell rings!