Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Circus is In Town

I love the circus. It's not a childhood memory for me, in fact, I think this is really a adult-on set fancy for me. I possibly went to the circus once or twice as a little girl, and frankly don't remember... but have been several times as an adult. In fact, one of my first dates with my husband was to the circus! We hooted and hollered from the stands eating bad food and sipping neon snowcones. What could be better than that?
When our kids were born, we didn't immediately head off to the circus. Our kids have always been a little alarmed by loud events... so we waited a couple years, and finally braved the production.... and a production it is. They've definitely changed the whole circus experience into a Las Vegas type event... it's gotta have a story line, some actors, some pyrotechnics, flashing lights, and, then, of course, sprinkle in some circus-type acts.

Possibly one of the more entertaining parts of the circus is the beginning, when we wade through the animal protestors... I'm glad everyone has an opinion. The show was entertaining enough, but to be honest, I would love to step back in time, and go to a circus back in the "Water for Elephants" time-- early 1900's, when the circus travelled by train. Good thing there is lots of vintage circus imagery for me to travel back in time to relive. On my docket is a vintage circus Party Kit. I can't wait to make it.... keep posted.