Friday, April 10, 2009

Eat Me, Drink Me, Mad Hatter Giftie!

When I threw a Mad Hatter Tea Party event at my daughter's school, I needed to come up with a "goody bag" treat to give out... This should of been an easy one to think up, but for some reason, it took me awhile. My concerns: I knew I needed to make a lot of them; I wanted them to not only be cute and in keeping with the theme, but also something hopefully that would be used after the party; and I also knew I had limited budget.

There was the "plant in a pot" idea, the "tea cup" idea... and then I it dawned on me... "oh, yeah, there's the 'Eat Me, Drink Me' idea!" I was so excited to remember... and those clues for Alice were also cute tags. I couldn't wait to make them!

So, out I went, to the local discount store, and found several different styles of mugs. With more budget (and time, of course) I would have loved to scour thrift stores for real china tea cups... but I also knew big mugs are always popular for big, strong cups of coffee or tea in the morning! Then I filled 2 clear goodie bags, one with tea bags, one with candies, and strung an "Drink Me" tag, and a "Eat Me" tag on each.

I also thought this goodie bag idea could also work for kids... The mug could be plastic or ceramic depending on the age group, and since many young folks don't drink tea, I also thought putting those individually packaged lemonade mixes in the "Drink Me" bag would be great.

Well, the Mad Hatter night was lots of fun, and the gifts were well received!