Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Garden Show Recap

Phew! It was a fun, yet tiring weekend at the garden show. I had a mad rush on Monday of things to do, and finally, today, I can sit down and process... new orders, next steps, etc. Below are some of the new items I was showing. I will be adding them to my website this next week, so be sure to check soon!

Garden Botanical delights, great for Mother's Day!

At the Shore items were quite popular...
A woman visiting from Boston was so excited to
buy one and bring it to her Nantucket home! How perfect!

Baby stuff galore... my personalized banners were definitely a hit!

Summer garden berry and veggie fun-- also well received.
Although the weather was a bit chilly
(crazy after having a heat wave earlier that week),
the summer colors and images really warmed things up!