Friday, May 1, 2009

When in France...

My parents just left for a petite sojourn en France yesterday. Aaaahh, I'm so jealous. They'll be heading to Paris for some oolala, then down to the south of France for some Provencal peace! I've been lucky, many times after a trip to France, my mom comes home with the most beautiful dress for my daughter... She doesn't even know how lucky she is!

When finances are tight, though, and dresses may not be in the budget, another great souvenir to bring home are children's books. These are not only great for your own family, but can make really unique and special gifts for friends too!

These 2 books pictured in this post I picked up in a bookstore in the south of France. They are such cute stories. I love to read them to my kids... I bumble through the french, and then roughly translate them so my kids understand. I also picked up French baby word books too-- great way to teach some simple words to your kids and look at the illustrations.

So, if you happen to be lucky and heading on a trip this summer, make sure to pick up a couple kids books before you return... you will love them when you get home!