Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fish Taco Fiesta!

Cinco de Mayo has passed, but that doesn't mean you can't still have a fiesta! Whether it's Cinco de Mayo or not, any time of year is time for Mexican food!

One of my favorite recipes is fish tacos. It's so easy, and so good. It's also a dish that I love when the weather starts getting warmer... it tastes fresh and light, which is not always the case with Mexican food.

So, whether your throwing a fiesta, or just want to have Mexican food for dinner, enjoy this easy fish taco recipe:

Betsy's Fish Tacos
1. Pan fry Tilapia (or another light fish) with a little olive oil, dash of cumin, and 1T lime juice. (I make approximately 1 filet per person)
2. Cut up tomatoes and avocados to bite size pieces.
3. Mix 1/2 cup light sour cream with 1T lime juice and cumin. Season more to taste. (You can cheat here and instead of cumin, just sprinkle in taco seasoning.)
4. Spray corn tortillas with an olive oil spray, or dab with olive oil, put on a cookie sheet and broil until they are slightly baked (not too crispy). Bake enough tortillas for between 2-3 per person.
5. Assemble fish tacos:
  • tortilla
  • shredded Mexican cheese
  • cooked tilapia
  • cabbage (pre-shredded cabbage for coleslaw works great!)
  • tomatoes and avocado pieces
  • dollop of sour cream mixture
  • if desired, sprinkle a little cilantro for extra zing!
6. Eat up! YUM!!

Also, if you like the pics in this write up, and are planning on having a fiesta, be sure to check out bnute productions' Fiesta Party Kit for more details.


Ryan Appleton said...

Do you use flour to fry the fish or do you just add the fish directly to the heated olive oil?

Betsy said...

I just put the fish in the pan with the olive oil. The oil helps the fish from sticking to the pan, and of course adds a little flavor. :) enjoy!