Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Wish List

Dear Kids and Hubbie,

No need for anything elaborate this Mother's Day. No fancy brunch, or bouquet of flowers... what I want is pretty simple. Here it goes...

1. Minimal to no cleaning all day... I'll pick up after myself of course, but let's just let the laundry go on that day! :)

2. A yummy homemade breakfast... how 'bout french toast, fresh berries, and maybe a little naughty bacon. Yum. I'd be happy to make the french toast.

3. Some outdoor time. I'm hoping for good weather, and would love some outdoor time. Not running around here and there, maybe just putz-ing in the garden, planting some flowers, or taking a walk around the neighborhood.

4. Some magazine time. How I love to flip through magazines. Perhaps this could be accompanied by a nice glass of wine. :)

5. For dinner? No cooking for me... Take out sounds great, and a movie to watch, even better.

thanks and can't wait for sunday!