Monday, May 18, 2009

Ready, Set, Time to Plant!

We just planted our veggie garden a week ago. I'm so excited! Even though it is just a tiny garden, it's so fun for me to watch if grow all summer long!

I always plant sweet basil. By August and September, these small plants are large bushes... perfect for making big batches of pesto to save in the freezer all winter long!

Of course I plant a tomato or two. 2 years ago, our tomatoes took over the plot by fall time, and last year, they didn't grow at all... so we'll see what this year holds! Another must for our plot is corn and sunflowers. This is more for the kids, than really to eat (although, we will get a handful of ears of corn by August.) I just think it's so amazing to watch a plant grow 6" in a week!

Speaking of kids, below are some GREAT gardening books for kids. They were very inspiring to me when we were re-landscaping our yard... really creative ideas for getting kids involved in the process.

Here's one of the ideas from the book! So cute in the bright yellow pot.

I hope you have time to have a little garden yourself. Do you have any plants that are a must to grow each year? Do tell!