Sunday, May 24, 2009

Great Teacher Gift: A Bag of Energy!

This past week we celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week at my daughter's school. Yes, our school was a little late in celebrating this week, due to all sorts of other activities (which I'll mention in future posts!), but still, it's a week that shouldn't be overlooked.

We all get so busy with our lives, and I am no exception here! Last year, I barely managed a thank you note it seemed.... But, this year, I realized, perhaps this is one of the weeks that I should slow down and make an effort to thank the person who's with my kid for many hours a day!!

I never seem to find the right gift at the right time-- but something must of clicked, because when I saw this gift, I had to get it for my daughter's teacher. It is the cutest lunch bag and matching coffee cup... which I know my daugther's teacher would use...

Since I was surprising her with the gift, I didn't want to fill it with a lunch, because I was sure she had already packed one for the day... so instead I filled it with all sorts of "energy" type snacks that might help her through one of those long days at school! So I wrapped up some protein bars, and dried fruit, a coffee and of course a little chocolate.

The present was VERY well received... ironically, she even mentioned her lunch bag was so old that she needed a new one. The timing couldn't of been better. With the end of school coming as well, there are still many more teacher gift ideas I'll be sharing... Let me know if you have any great ideas as well! I'd love to post them here...

btw-- this cute bag and coffee mug are made by Lady Jayne LTD.