Saturday, June 20, 2009

5 Things for Dad on His Day

Tomorrow's Father's Day, and like always, I'm scrambling to figure out what to do for my husband... he's the kind of guy that doesn't need any "thing..." So, here's what I came up with:

1. No fathering on Father's Day...
Some fathers may disagree with this... but I know for me on Mother's Day, it's nice to be with the kids, but not have to "be" with them per say... So, on Father's day for my husband this year, he can leave the "joys" of parenting to me. (i.e., stopping the fights, the whining, the demands for this and that... you know...)

2. Let him play that 18 holes of golf...
It doesn't quite fit in with our plans tomorrow... but I'll give him a rain check on this one... just get it on the calendar now, since a surprise all-day golf game can sometimes not be what everyone was "expecting" for that day.

3. Let Him Watch, Listen, and Constantly Check-in with the Sporting World
So, NBA and Hockey are over... there's still baseball, and this Father's Day, the US Open. Where ever we are, I'll be sure to let him check the scores or watch these fabulous events as often as he'd like!

4. Bring him that Lovely Glass of Wine before he either gets one himself, or asks!
OK, so it may just be past noon, but who cares... if he wants a glass of wine (beer, or cocktail), he can have it!

5. Make him his Favorite Meal
My husband has already put in his order for dinner tomorrow night... and it even involves him grilling. How can I deny his stomach something he's been thinking about for several days!!

Possibly I'll come up with some other miraculous gift before now and then... but if not, I hope this list will let him know what an amazing dad and husband he is!