Thursday, June 11, 2009

School's Out for SUMMER!

Yay, it's finally the last day of school!! The transition between school time and summer time is always a bit rocky at our house. Many summer activities (like swim team), start up well before school is over. So, for the last month or so, we are bouncing between being in school, and wanting it to be summer!! Now it's finally here, the last day of school for my daughter!! Yay!!

I've been asking many friends if they had any special traditions in their family on the last day of school... and suprisingly there's been a resounding "no, we did nothing special." Even my own mom admitted that nothing happened at our house either.

Being the gal that I am... I'm all for traditions... So I racked my brain... do we do any end of school traditions?

Well, I have to admit... we do have one tradition that may seem a bit bizarre, but we love to play the classic rock song, "School's Out," by Alice Cooper. Ironically this tradition really came to the forefront when my son, then 2, loved to belt out the lyrics!! The best part is he wasn't even in school at the time! (Watch the video if you want to see more :))

2. Picture at the Front Door
We always take a picture at the front door on the first day of school... so I decided this year to take one on the last day of school too. You've got to print them out, and make sure your kids can see just how much "smarter" they look. :)

3. Their Choice Dinner
My kids LOVE ravioli, so I think we know what were having tonight. You could let them decide on a place to go out to eat too, if they'd like that better (and you don't want to cook!)
4. Wait to celebrate on the 1st DAY of Summer Break
The last day of school is loaded with school parties and craziness.... perhaps the tradition is better if started on the 1st DAY of summer break vs. the last day of school! That is where we are sort of heading this year with the tradition-- and that's not just because it's also my birthday... :)
We're lucky we're close enough to the coast... so we're going to get in some beach time!! (Although, it may be mightly foggy and cold...). Another big hit is going swimming-- any pool will do, even if it's in the back yard! Have your kids help plan the day, so they can look forward to it!
I would love to hear about your last day of school traditions... or your first day of summer fun! I hope you have a great day!


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