Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oktoberfest Game Idea

Last year around this time our family had a great Oktoberfest party. Above are the place cards I made for the table. I loved trying to feebily translate each of our names into more of a Germanic version... Fortunately for some, their names were of German origin, so they didn't get mangled!

The party had all ages-- from 4-74, so I knew coming up with a game was a must to entertain! This game below, was a hit! Tears were definitely shed when it was time to come inside and eat.... although the adults sure liked taking the break to enjoy the variety of beers being served. So here it goes.... a must-do Oktoberfest game:

Oktoberfest Beer Garden Relay
2 pitchers (plastic preferably)
4 mugs (plastic preferably)

Create 2 teams, and set up a relay course. Put some obstacles in the course, like a chairs, waste basket, table, etc.

On the starting end of the course, put the 2 pitchers filled with water.

Line the teams up, and hand the first "runner" 2 empty mugs for each hand.

Each runner needs to fill up his/her mugs (from the pitcher with water), run through the course, not spilling water, around the obstacles, and back to the start. He/She empties her mugs back into the pitcher and hands her mugs to the next person to start over.

The team who finishes first wins!

Have fun, and try to stay dry! :)