Monday, October 26, 2009

What Are Yoooou Gonna Be?

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So yesterday was Halloween-costume-making day. I'm so proud of myself... I was actually sewing and assembling my kids' costumes almost a week a head of the actual day!

This year, we scoured through all my magazine clippings of costume ideas, and my daughter loved the Sherlock Holmes outfit from Martha Stewart (it is adorable, isn't it?) and my son just wanted to be a spider.

The spider was pretty easy... just stuffing a lot of black baby tights, and finding a black outfit for my son to wear. And, to my surprise, the Sherlock Holmes cape wasn't that hard to make either! We used a little different style wool suit fabric, and wish we had a blood hound to go with the outfit, but I think we're definitely in the ballpark!

So, what are you going as this Halloween?