Thursday, March 25, 2010

Batter Up, It's Baseball Season!

This past weekend was the start of t-ball in our family,
and we have one excited player!
He's got his new hat, his helmet,
his new bat, and glove, and
he's ready to play ball!

Check him out on the outfield... ready for anything, right?

Whoa! The power, the action... I see lots of potential...
hmmm, of course I would since I'm his mom!

If you have a baseball star in your home...
or just a baseball enthusiast,
check out the new party invitations I've designed--
the All Star Baseball Party

Your slugger will love the look--
the stars, the grunge-texture, the cool type style...
it's even got his mug on it! How cool is that.

Also, check out the matching All Star banner below.
Great for pictures of him and his friends...
or pictures of him in action at the plate and on the field...
or how 'bout pictures of the team?

Hope your season is starting out well, and
you have many home runs in your future!


nath mark said...

According to Resume in 99
You wouldn't know how many innings or pitches he'd throw every start, so figuring out when to use him would be hard. You'll lose him regardless if you start him too early, and if you start him too late, he'll run out of games with plenty of innings still in his arm.

Because a win counts the same regardless of when it occurs, you are better off starting him early and shutting him down after he has exhausted his innings. You can skip starts if your team is ahead in the standings to spare his arm for the postseason.

nath mark said...

Wins are worth the same regardless of when they are recorded, so it makes sense to get an early start and pull the plug when he has used up his innings. If your team is ahead in the standings, you can forgo his start to save his arm for the playoffs. content development prof