Sunday, March 7, 2010

If I Were Going to the Oscars...

Tonight's the night... time to put on the ritz, and head down the red carpet... the Academy Awards are about to begin! Wouldn't it be fun to go? There would be no sleeping in, though... it would be up and out early, hair, makeup, massage-- to get ready for the big event. Here's the look I may go for this year...

Dress & Makeup
Love this dress by lelarose. The "crepe paper" material, the soft pink, the flowers. Ooo, how simple, yet elegant, old fashion, yet off the shoulder sexy. Nice! And, the makeup too! I do like the softness of her makeup-- not too heavy, but definitely there to dress this look up!

The Hair
Love the curls, and the hair piece. I may look for something a little more vintage-inspired in my hair, but these are the curls I'd go for this year! (This headpiece is by Sara Gabriel.)

The Jewels
Perhaps this vintage style jewel could be made into my hair piece? It has the softness of the pearl, and the sparkle of the crystal-- could be real diamonds too, I'm not picky!

Speaking of diamonds, I could use an accessory or 2 of sparkle-- a nice ring, a lovely bracelet, and delicate yet sparkly necklace... that would be just delightful!

Well, hope you are getting all dolled up for the show tonight!
... and the winner is....