Sunday, April 4, 2010

Another Green Craft Project: A Lil'Beach Bag

Our Second Hand Finds

My niece and I went on a green crafting frenzy the other day. We headed to the thrift store with one project in mind, but of course I left with several other potential projects in hand, just in case we decided to get really crafty!

In the kids section, I just couldn't resist some of the fabrics in the second-hand clothes that were on sale. Little flower prints, all ready made patchwork dresses, polka dots and more... oooo, what could be made from these precious items? A little hand bag, of course -- great for the beach, the store for a few grocery items, or where ever you may roam!

We tromped over to the belts to find the perfect straps for our bags... 2 ribbon belts just happened to be there, how perfect!

Back home the project was simple as pie. I just cut off the bottom of the dress with the patchwork fabric, cut 2 pieces, and sewed the open edges to make a little bag. Then cut off the belt loops, and sewed the ends of the belt to the bag as a strap.

Voila! Our little bags... perfect for our upcoming trip to the beach!

What a great model my niece is! Now, off to make more little bags with the other goodies I found!