Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Party Game: Red Light, Green Light Version 2.0

It seems like all kids love a good game of Red Light, Green Light. Just over spring break, a range of kids 5-16 were playing it and having a ball. So, why a version 2.0? Well, there's nothing wrong with the original version, but sometimes the kids can get a little bored... So to add some twist and keep the game going a bit longer, here are my suggestions for Red Light, Green Light Version 2.0!

We all know the original version goes as simply as-- green light means go, and red light means stop. Usually it's running when the light is green.. and trying to stop when the light is red. For version 2.0 we're gonna add a few more options to add some spice...
  • Assign different colors to different players, so when purple light is called, just the purple player can go. Another similar option is to call out groups to go by age. So, "All 4 year olds go..." "All 2 year olds go..." (This helps younger players stay in the action.)
  • Instead of running when the light is green, how about different modes of transportation per game. For instance, have the kids skip, hop, hop on one foot, crawl, do jumping jacks, squats/lunges, tip toe, etc. Make the whole game, until one person tags the light, that mode of transportation.
  • Add "traffic" obstacles to get in the way of the light/person who's it. Depending on where you're playing, could be patio chairs, cones, even trees if you have them!
  • Add a "yellow light" option as something to call out. On "yellow light" the kids must go in sllllooooowww motion! The more exaggerated the slow motion, the better!
  • Add a "Police!" option to call out. When "Police!" is called, everyone must go backwards.
  • Act like an animal... instead of running, have the kids be an animal to get to the light... so, "Green light doggies..." and they have to run like a dog and bark! Could make a great video to show at the end of the party!
Now off to play, enjoy!