Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Baseball Week: Baseball Party Food and Drink Ideas


Did you catch the All Stars game last night? The
National League ended their 13 year losing streak! Well I'm on a streak as well-- here are some more party ideas for your Baseball Themed party-- some great food and drink ideas to serve your hungry team of party goers!

Menu ideas for a baseball party couldn’t be simpler... just think of what’s on tap at the ballpark, and you’re set!

1. Hot Dog with all the Fixins’
Steam up some dogs, and get out the condiments. This is a easy crowd pleaser. Suggested condiments: mustard, ketchup, relish, and onions for the brave! Also, you could add some chili and cheese to the mix as well. Adults will especially like this.
Depending on the time of the day, you could also pick up some mini-hot dogs and put them in between rolls for a quick bite between innings of the party.

Another idea is to rent a hot dog stand for the party! It definitely will add to the look of the party, and can be a lot of fun for guests’ to order their dogs!

Yankee Stadium Peanuts Photo Credit

2. Peanuts and Popcorn
There’s nothing like a bag of salty peanuts (check for allergies first) and popcorn is always a hit with any crowd! Buy some striped popcorn bags or popcorn box to add to the look. Stadium peanuts can be picked up in almost any location, but check out these peanuts: “Official Yankee Stadium Peanuts.” Baseball fans will love the nostalgia of these!

3. Bats and Balls
Unfortunately, ball parks usually don’t offer much in the way of fruit and veggies-- but there’s no reason why you can’t make add some to your menu, and stay within the theme. How about balling up a lot of fruit in a bowl, and label the bowl, “balls.” Then in a bowl labeled “bats” next to it, cut up or buy a bunch of carrot, celery, and bell pepper sticks. You could add some dipping sauces for the veggies, and sweet carmel dipping sauce for the fruit if you’d like.

Old Fashioned Sodas from Cost Plus World Market

4. Old Fashioned Root Beer and Sodas
Old fashioned sodas are the new, “in” thing these days! They can be found in stores all over. They look so great stacked up on a table, or cooled down in a tin bucket for folks to grab and go! These sodas are from Cost Plus World Market.