Monday, July 12, 2010

Baseball Week: Baseball Party Decoration Ideas

Close Up of All Star Party Invitation by B.Nute productions
Now that World Cup Soccer is over, it's time to focus back on America's favorite summertime sport-- BASEBALL! It's Baseball Week at B.Nute productions. I'll be posting Baseball party ideas all week long, so stay tuned to All-Star ideas! This week is also the All Star Game 2010 in Anaheim, so the timing couldn't be more perfect!

All Star Baseball Party Inspiration Board

Pick Your Favorite Ballpark
I’m sure your household has a favorite team... why not make your home or party spot into that stadium? Pick out a few signature elements of that ball park, and make some decorations! For instance, take Wrigley Field... the marquee out front, the vines on the outfield wall, the bleachers, the scoreboard... all signature features of that park.  There are plenty of great websites about your favorite ballpark. Here’s a site that lists them all:

Get Out Those Trading Cards
Head up to the attic and pull out your old trading cards. These will make a great addition to the party table. Scatter about the center of the table for a eye catching table runner. Worried about your treasured cards getting dirty? Heady out and buy a set of modern cards at a lower price, and/or not as precious as your childhood favorites!

All Star Personalized Banner
B.Nute productions' All Star Buddies Personalized Banner

Pictures of your All Star and his buddies will be a great way to greet guests to the party! This matching banner can be purchased on

Jars of Baseballs and Team Pendants
Any table will look extra festive for the baseball party with jars or bowls of baseballs. A great centerpiece. Add a few American flags, or pendants from your favorite teams to complete the look.

All Star Baseball Party Invitation
B.Nute Productions' All Star Baseball Party Invitation

Don't forget the invitation as well! Check out B.Nute productions' All Star Baseball Party invitation to make the look complete.