Thursday, June 17, 2010

Flower or Garden Party Arts and Crafts Activity: Posie Masks

Here's a fun art and craft activity for your garden or flower party - a pretty posies flower mask. This craft can be designed to be for very young ones or also can be great for older crafters too-- the masks make fun photo opportunities once made! (For younger crafters, many of these steps can be made before hand, and all little ones have to do is tape and glue!)

How to Make a Flower Mask

Supplies Needed:
Paper Plates
Scrapbook Paper
Wooden Dowel (found at craft stores)
Tape or glue
Exacto knife (handy for cutting out center hole in paper plate)

1. Pick out some pretty posies scrapbook papers.

2. Create a simple petal template, and then cut several petals from different paper designs.

3. Cut out a hole in a paper plate (for your face.)

4. Tape or glue (glue will hold better, but may take a while to dry) petals to the paper plate ring.

5. Extra Pizazz-- cut a donut shape from a scrapbook paper for trim inner edge of flower mask. You could also use other embellishments like glitter or gems.
6. Now it's picture time!!

Would love to see how your flower masks turn out!