Thursday, June 10, 2010

Last Day of School: Simple Ways to Celebrate

It's my kid's last day of school today... No more early wake ups,  no more making lunches, out with the routines (for the most part), and in with good ol'fashion summer fun! I love to try to do something fun on the last day of school to kick off vacation-- sometimes it's just something simple like heading to the ice cream shop, or it could be more elaborate, like heading to the beach (we fortunately live only 20 minutes away!) Here are a few more ideas to kick off summer time:
  • Play in the sand-- at the beach, or at the park, get some water, and a whole lot of sand and have fun!
  • Take a dip -- whether the pool is in your backyard, the community pool or even a babypool you've filled with hose water, today's the best day for a quick dip.
  • Take in a ballgame -- if you're close enough to a ball park, head to the bleacher seats, and have some fun.
  • A little sweets sometimes is just fine -- do you have a local candy store, or ice cream parlour? Pick 'em up from the last day of school, and head out for a sugary treat... just because.
  • Make some s'mores -- nothing says summer to me than a tasty, gooey s'more! If you have a fire pit, then roast and toast those marshmallows to perfection. If not, then it's just as easy to heat them up over the stove top too, with mom's help, of course.
  • Lastly, you must crank up Alice Cooper's "School's Out for Summer." It's a tradition in our family... the kids just love it!
What's your favorite last day of school tradition? I would love to hear!