Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Winter Wonderland Party: Game Ideas

If you live in snowy place, then your outdoor Winter Wonderland Party game options are plentiful-- there is sledding, snowball fight, snow fort building and so much more... but undoubtedly the day of your party, there may not be any fresh new snow... or you may live somewhere where snow doesn't even fall. No worries, there are plenty of indoor game ideas to ensure a wintry good time! Here are some of them:

Freeze Dance
This is a classic game, and although it's great year round, it's name is very appropriate for a Winter Wonderland party. To make it more wintry, play "winter time" music. Here are some winter music ideas:

After you have your playlist ready... just turn on the music and let the crowd dance. Once the music stops, everyone must freeze. First to move is out... Keep going until one dancer is left.

Blizzard Relay (Indoor)
Divide the party into 2 teams. Have a "race course" route-- say, down the hall, into a bedroom and back. Give each team 20 cotton balls ("snowballs"). For each person's turn, he/she must place the cotton balls on a paper plate, and walk through the course, then pass the cotton/snow balls to the next team mate. First team to finish wins. This can also be done with 10-15 rolled up socks.... The more stuff to carry, the harder this becomes.

Cold Feet
Gather all those single socks, and add a few pairs in as well. This is a game to see how many socks one can put on in a minute. Make sure to take pictures when many socks are being worn!

Winter Suitcase Relay
Divide the party into 2 teams. Fill 2 bags or "suitcases" full of winter clothes, give a suitcase to each team.  Include items like snowpants, hat, goggles, ear muffs, mittens, winter socks, boots, jackets, long underwear and more. Create a course in your house, say, down a hall, into a room and back. For each person's turn, he/she must put on all the clothes and items in the suitcase, and walk through the course, then take them off. The next person does the same thing. This repeats until all team members have gone. First team to finish wins.